How does being Justin Bieber’s girl feels like?

How does being Justin Bieber's girl feels like? - image images-13 on

 Imagining cute scenario Inside the mind Is so much satisfying. Isnt it? Well If you really wanna know how does being his girlfriend feels like,you are at the right place. So get ready to know the ups and downs you will experience as his girlfriend. 

Are you the only one?


So what does being his girlfriend feels like. Lets start with the best part you will have. Justin Bieber as you know is so loving and kind, he will shower you with all the love you ever wanted. He will never say you "No" for shopping. You will be treated like queen no matter who you really are. You will get to travel with him and see him going crazy with you. You will have his hand in yours most of the time. You will hear his laugh and see him chuckle at your jokes. You will go out with him every night to the best restaurants. You will be clubbing with him.tumblr_o5in73zApz1ty5l79o1_250.gif

He will be protective around you. He will do anything to see you smile. He will have no problem with you shipping Justin Bieber (ofc not because he is Justin Bieber 😆). You will have everything you ever wanted. You will have some beliebers shipping you both. You will see people trying to take a picture with you both. You will be seeing him rehearsing in the studio.unnamed-4.gif

He will dedicated hell lot of songs for you. You can take as many pictures as you want with him. You can hug him whenever you feel down. You will be meeting his friends and he will introduce you to his family. He will make you feel like you are perfect and made for him and only him! tumblr_mmmsdfp9zs1so76s5o1_250.gif

Now will see the hard things you will face as his girlfriend. At first when you will go public as his girlfriend, not everyone will like you. There will be people who will hate you. There will be people who will run a hate page about you on instagram. You will find lot many articles about you and Justin on TMZ. Not only this,people who will be jealous about your relationships will come up with fake stories and rumours which will eventually result in fights between you and him. You will be followed by Paparazzi even when you're having you personal time with him(so annoying honestly).tumblr_o2epa3pOUO1v6fo7vo1_500.gif  You will be have people who will constantly bring up problems for you both. If he's touring, you will be having less time to spend with him(although he will try his best to give you time,but for him beliebers are his first priority). You will sometimes mess up thinking you dont deserve such a good person. Finally there will be things causing problem you never know about like any other relationships.

Now after all this. Do you think you are the best for him. Will you support him during the ups and downs? Will you be understanding and strong?Will you be the one who will make him smile everyday? tumblr_o428mbUEvq1u5nwu4o1_500.gif

Are you the one he is searching for?


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