Spiderman: Homecoming, the coolest superhero movie of the year?

We saw some superhero movies this year and about to watch some more, but Spiderman: Homecoming is coolest of them. Here's why!

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Especially, I’m talking about Marvel and DC superhero movies here. It’s not that other heroes are bad. they are better than some of DC and Marvel heroes. We just saw Wonder Woman, and it was one hell of a movie, created enough hype for the upcoming Justice League. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy too, and that movie proved How should a sequel. Not to forgot the Logan, which brought almost tears in our eyes. Now, in the upcoming list, We got Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok. Not to forgot another superhero movies, like Power Ranger and Captain Underpants. But, See, Spiderman: Homecoming is currently running in the theaters and it got almost all the ingredients a Superhero movie should have. 

It has A plot, a mentor, Stunning visuals and better cinematography. Some factors are still lost, like the costumes, make-ups and bigger soundtrack, Yes, Soundtrack. The original trilogy, starring  Tobey Maguire, had the better soundtrack than any of the Spiderman movies. excluding third one.I think  Garfield had the better suit than him, but he couldn’t hold the legacy of Tobey’s. Now, Tom Holland learned from their mistakes and carried an amazing performance as Spiderman, which is being loved by both Critics and Audience.

Firstly, Tobey‘s Peter Parker was a geek, doing homework, clicking himself to earn money revolving around Mary Jane and all that, what we read in the earlier comics. Andrew‘s was not a geek, but He was a complete introvert. I wonder How He got the girl. I think we got better Spiderman in the animated series, Tom‘s character is entirely different. He gets the suit from his so-called Mr. Stark, and swings around the city and saving the day. But, He did a mistake. He watched the previous movies and tried to copy both of them. He succeeded too, but this doesn’t show his versatility towards the character.

We always think We got a weekend, where should We spend it, suddenly, This movie’s Poster comes up and you’ll make your mind, Don’t you? We all do. This movie has something which will never let You regret your money wastage.

Robert Downy Jr. is the coolest Marvel in MCU. Every Avenger movie is incomplete without Him. Someone says that this movie could be said Iron man 4.  I should remind them to watch the movie once and then they should reconsider it. This movie has not Him in the lead role, but He is supporting Actor and got the second biggest screen time.

Now, Let’s see, that How it could be the coolest movie of the year.

We already saw Logan and Guardian of the Galaxy 2. Those were fun, but Spiderman : Homecoming is on top of that. After it, we got Thor, which is more cooler with Dr. Bruce in, and got the Multi-starrer Justice League. but Spiderman : Homecoming got the plot, actors, graphics, visuals, and all, that It  will be the coolest movie. It is worth to watch it.

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