What’s Your Quidditch Position?

If you played for your house, what position would you play?

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Are you more of a Beater? A Seeker? What about a Chaser? No? Well then you must be a Keeper.

  1. 1 How active are you?

    1. Very active. It's very important to me that I live an active lifestyle.
    2. Active. I somehow always end up running around though I don't go out of my way to exercise much.
    3. Selectively Active. I don't stay on the couch all day, but I'm not exactly the first to volunteer for physical labor.
    4. Extremely Active. I love running around, staying fit, doing anything to stay busy. I'm constantly on the move.
  2. 2 What's your favourite position in football/soccer?

    1. Forward
    2. Defense
    3. Goalie
    4. Mid-fielder
  3. 3 Who are you on the team?

    1. The leader. I'm constantly making sure everyone keeps up moral and keeping the team focused.
    2. The cheerleader. I'm always there, giving 100%, and working with my teammates to make sure we're all working together.
    3. The loner. I prefer to work alone.
    4. The savior. I'm the one that always ends up making the save, whether it be blocking the other team or finding that last minute hole in the project and fixing it.
  4. 4 What's your Hogwarts house?

    1. Gryffindor
    2. Slytherin
    3. Hufflepuff
    4. Ravenclaw
  5. 5 What's your personality?

    1. I love the spotlight and do anything I can to keep the attention on me.
    2. I'm a watcher. I never really get involved.
    3. I'm one of the popular kids. I have tons of friends and love life.
    4. People tend to think I'm kind of weird.
  6. 6 Favourite Marauder?

    1. James Potter
    2. Sirius Black
    3. Remus Lupin
    4. How dare you ask me to choose! I love them all!
  7. 7 Favourite Hogwarts Class?

    1. Potions
    2. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    3. Transfiguration
    4. Charms
  8. 8 Favourite Deathly Hollow?

    1. The Resurrection Stone
    2. The Elder Wand
    3. The Cloak of Invisibility
    4. None of them! They only cause problems.
  9. 9 Why do you play Quidditch?

    1. It looked really fun.
    2. I'm competitive. I like to win.
    3. One of my friends asked me to join the team.
    4. I like to stay active.
  10. 10 Final Question: What position do you want to play?

    1. Keeper
    2. Chaser
    3. Seeker
    4. Beater

What's Your Quidditch Position?

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  1. Quiz result

    You're a Keeper!

    The Keeper is an important role in Quidditch, though you might not be getting nearly as much of the glory as some of your fellow teammates. Little do they know that without you, they may have never won the game at all! After all, you're the one making all those saves.

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  2. Quiz result

    You're a Seeker!

    You're almost always the hero of the game. Without you the match would never end after all. Being a seeker is a big responsibility, but with your speed on a broomstick and awesome hand-eye coordination, you deserve all the glory you receive when your team wins the match.

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    You're a Chaser!

    You like being where the action is at. As a chaser, you're constantly in motion, working quickly with your fellow chasers, you have great speed, hand-eye coordination, and good teamwork skills. Not to mention all those awesome dodging skills you must have developed with all those buldgers flying at your head throughout the match.

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    You're a Beater!

    You're the defender of your team. You fly around, fiercely protecting your fellow teammates from injury and ensuring the other team's chasers don't ever make it to your end of the field so your Keeper doesn't have to do so much work. You might never score a goal or directly win the game, but without you the seeker might have gotten taken out with a buldger, meaning they never snagged that snitch that won the game.

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