Harry Potter Theory: The Deluminator

Ever wondered how the deluminator actually works? Read on and find out!!

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Deluminator, also called Put-outer is a device created by Dumbledore. It looks kinda like a silver cigarette lighter, but when flicked open, it sucks in light from all the light sources in the area making the place completely dark. It was first seen in the first chapter of Philosopher’s Stone where Dumbledore uses it to put out the street lights near Number Four Privet Drive.


Later in Deathly Hallows, we find out that Dumbledore left the Deluiminator to Ron in his will.

When Ron abandons harry and Hermione, he eventually is able to rejoin them using the deluminator. Anytime Harry or Hermione took Ron’s name, he was able to hear a snipet of the converstaion they were just having and then a ball of light comes out from the deluminator, enters his chest, near the heart and transports him to their location.


So was its purpose just for plot convenience? Not really!!

There had to be other people who took his name during that time. Then why wasn’t he able to hear their conversation? Will the deluminator work the same for other people also? I think the answer is YES! and it lies in a gravestone in Godric’s Hollow. Dumbledore’s mother and sister’s gravestone which reads,

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”

Ron treasures his friendship with Harry and Hermione above everything else and therefore his heart is always with them even if he is physically not with them.

The deluminator is basically the manifestation and means of accomplishing this quote and this quote is from Bible and not a Dumbledore original, which means Dumbledore chose a quote describing the effects of the deluminator and didnt seek to create an object to fulfil that quote.

So now that we have established how it works, lets see how i think it was created?

While watching the movie Fantastic beasts and where to find them we can see a scene in which lights go out as the obscurial passes them.


 This and the put-outer are the only examples of lights being doused by magic in the entire series (nox doesn’t count as it is only for lumos), which means it is unique magic as Mad eye himself borrowed the deluminator from Dumbledore at one point suggesting that just putting out light is not something achievable by magic.

We also know that Dumbledore’s sister Ariana was an obscurus, so what might have happened is that the obscurus inside her would have been preserved like the one preserved by Newt in FBAWTFT and somehow used to create the deluminator. That is why Dumbledore carried it everywhere even though he didn’t need it and why he didn’t use it the way Ron did because the only 2 people who could summon him were already dead.

So what did you guys think of this theory? Do you think this is possible?  Comment what you think and share it with your friends and fellow Potterheads.

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