You can create content using different formats like quizzes, videos, embed, pictures and lists. Anyone can become a profitable Masher if he/she have a loyal, engaged audience and a steady stream of awesome content. Most of the Mashers find that before you can earn good amount of money with your account, you first need to grow your audience and make consistent posts that you enjoy and your viewers love to see.Whether your goal is to earn back some of what you spent making your content or to become a sustainable business, How-to Mash’s platform lets you make money with great content.


How-to Mash advertisings aka AdMash manages all the advertisings and monetization of posts. AdMash partnered with Google Ads, MGID and to extract maximum revenue for content creators. Revenue is CPM based that means revenue is directly proportional post views. CPM varies with the traffic quality, clicks on ads and keywords.

Let’s get started!

1. Firstly set up your Masher’s account. Sign up with [Facebook] or [Google].
2. Now you can create your own post. Make sure you don’t copy from anywhere, always mention sources of images you take from the internet.
3. You can see your earnings stats on your profile.
4. We have some tips for you!

Payments Mode

We pay your earnings through trusted companies. Payment will be released on 25th of the month when it crosses the threshold, that is $10 on the payment day.

Payments are made only through PayPal and PayTM. PayTM is only for Indian Mashers.

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For support

Just message us on messenger and we will catch you soon.

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Series of questions that intends to reveal something about the personality
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Series of questions with right and wrong answers that intends to check knowledge
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