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Creating high-quality posts is not rocket science! The main quality to focus on is to make a relationship with your readers. Here are few points you need to keep in mind while creating a new post at How-to Mash.

1. Choosing The Topic

First, think about the topic you’re posting. There are topics that are short ranged and long ranged. A news story is usually a short ranged post as they get traffic only when that news is trending. But, with other formats like quizzes, videos, lists, blog posts and some stories, interest can last a long time and are considered long ranged posts. It’s totally up to you which topic to choose because both the ranges have their own benefits.

2. Creating The Title

The title can be a game changer because an attractive and compelling title can get 5 times more views than a simple one. Example, “Simple Trivia Quiz” and “Can You Get More Than 75% In This Trivia Quiz?” Which title do you think is more attractive and compelling? This trick cannot be used all the time but you should use it wherever possible.

3. The Thumbnail

Thumbnail is also a game changer since people only see the title and the thumbnail when you share your post. So using a high-quality thumbnail with text on it is always preferred over a low-resolution thumbnail.

4. Content

Always make the content as good as possible so the visitor remembers your name and will trust you and visit more of your posts. Submit your posts only after proofreading it, removing all the grammatical errors and capitalizing the pronouns. Make the description crisp and compelling so the visitor never bounces.

First, plan the skeleton in your mind and do a little research on that topic. Make sure you choose the best images that are related to your post.

5. For Maximum Income and Views

Now it’s time to share your post with people to get views and income. There are millions of Facebook groups and Google Plus communities, where you can share your posts. Join the groups which are relevant to your topic and share your link on them. But make sure you don’t spam those groups. You can also ask big Facebook pages to share your link if they are relevant to the page. You can use many other social networks like FaceBook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Whatsapp are all really effective.

Once you get around a good amount of views on your post then it will be featured on the trending list of How-to Mash. And also it will be shared on the How-to Mash Official social media pages and that will boost up your income.

Backlinking is one of the most awesome ways to get views on your post from other websites and from search engines like Google and Bing. You can search about backlinking on the internet, that is the best thing for long ranged posts.

If you need have any questions about this post you can comment below.

**Are you already a member? If not, click here to start posting content and earn cash!

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