DC Character quiz – Batman and Robin, Which Robin are you?

10 quick questions to know which Robin you'll be when you finally go out and decide to fight crime along the Dark Knight himself, Batman!

Who doesn’t want to fight alongside the Caped Crusader?

Out of the many sidekicks Batman has, Robin has got to be his closest and most trusted ally when it comes to field work (Sorry, Alfred)

DC has its many Robins in different timelines across its Universe! Take this quick quiz to find out just what kind of Robin are you – will you be the Acrobatic, high flying Boy Wonder? The natural born detective? Or could you be the reckless and hot-tempered one?

Let’s go ahead and find out! Each result also has some short info and backstory about the Robin that matches your answers!

  1. 1 What is your best asset?

    As Robin, my best asset would be:

    1. My athletic and leadership ability
    2. My detective and analytical skills
    3. My compassion for others
    4. My natural talent
    5. My strong-willed and unbending decision making
  2. 2 What is your weakness?

    As Robin, my primary weakness is:

    1. I don't have any.
    2. I am still young and inexperienced.
    3. I have people and things that are weighing me down.
    4. I can't handle getting hurt by the people close to me, and I can't hurt others whom I love.
    5. Memories of the past haunt me and it affects my decisions.
  3. 3 Pick your weapon.

    Time to choose your go-to gadget/weapon! If I were Robin, I'd always use my:

    1. Taser gun
    2. Grappling hook
    3. Radar and Radio
    4. Smoke bombs
    5. Staff
  4. 4 How do you see Batman?

    As Robin, I see Batman as my:

    1. Teacher
    2. Mentor
    3. Father figure
    4. Partner
    5. Rival
  5. 5 If Batman wasn't around, who would you pick as a partner?

    If Batman isn't available, I would pick - 

    1. Another Robin as a partner
    2. No one, I can handle things on my own
    3. Batgirl
    4. Alfred, and become Batman in the absence of Bruce Wayne.
    5. No one, I'd enjoy the day off.
  6. 6 The Riddler has taken Batman captive and sent you a message that he'll kill Batman in 24 hours, what do you do?

    I will - 

    1. Call out his bluff and beat him in his own mind game.
    2. Have Alfred track the Batsuit and find out his whereabouts and free Batman wherever he is held captive.
    3. Investigate the area where Batman was taken, discover where the location is and call Batgirl for help.
    4. Follow where the message is broadcast to take care of Riddler once and for all
    5. Infiltrate the hideout and quietly take out the Riddler before freeing Batman
  7. 7 The Joker has a switch to a bomb that can destroy a whole country on his left hand and a bomb that will kill your loved one on the other, What will you do?

    The day is saved regardless what your decision is, as Robin, I - 

    1. Trust Batman to go after his right hand while I go after his left.
    2. Convince him to keep on talking while Batman takes him out from behind.
    3. Immediately cut him off mid-sentence before he has any time to react,
    4. Aim for his left hand first, and then his right,
    5. Aim for his right hand first, and then his left.
  8. 8 Two-face is about to activate a switch that will poison your city's water supply, making anyone who drinks the water die after 3 days. You've just disarmed one of his henchmen and have with you a gun in your hand. Its only seconds before he can press the switch and you are a good 10 meters away. What will you do?

    The day is saved regardless your answer! As Robin, I will-

    1. Have Alfred and Batman help you work on an antidote immediately, it's too late to stop him and we still have time to warn the city.
    2. Stop him by pulling his hand away using the grappling hook. I abide by Batman's principle of not using guns.
    3. Aim for the switch's power supply which you discovered while scouting the area before the encounter.
    4. Shoot him with the gun. I don't miss.
    5. Immediately dash towards him and reach him just before he presses the switch.
  9. 9 Pick the best saying that matches your personality.

    I choose - 

    1. "Its the people closest to you that should matter the most, but they too will be the ones that hurt you the most"
    2. "The very best can only achieve what they want if they believe in themselves"
    3. "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"
    4. "You won't get things done if you're not willing to make sacrifices"
    5. "The measure of a great person is not how many times he succeeded, but how many times he got up after a fall."
  10. 10 Who is your favorite Robin?

    Choose from the best of the best.

    1. Dick Grayson
    2. Jason Todd
    3. Tim Drake
    4. Stephanie Brown
    5. Damian Wayne

DC Character quiz - Batman and Robin, Which Robin are you?

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  1. Quiz result

    The Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson

    DC Character quiz - Batman and Robin, Which Robin are you? - image dick-grayson-robin-nightwingjpg on https://www.howtomash.com

    Amazing! You are the first ever Robin, the Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson! 

    Possessing tremendous feats of athleticism and an expert acrobat, as well as having the best leadership skills among the others, Dick Grayson was a role model Robin. You have the ability to work together as a partner to Batman, but also have all the qualifications to be a great team leader in his absence!

    Like Batman, you live by your own set of principles, which in more ways than one may hinder your growth and get in the way of achieving the necessary outcome for everyone. However, it is through these principles that you show you are a mature and reliable Robin. You have compassion, especially for those who can't defend themselves. 

    You have a knack for team play and are able to find out your friends strengths and weaknesses.


    Dick Grayson was the only son of a family of acrobats, the Flying Graysons. On a tragic performance where Bruce Wayne was part of the audience, a mafia murdered Dick's parents through sabotaging the wires of their trapeze. Both his parents fell to their deaths. Bruce then takes Dick under his wing, trained him and eventually had him fighting crime by his side as Robin, the boy wonder.

    He has amazing acrobatic skills and is a great high flyer, rivaling and sometimes surpassing Batman. An expert in martial arts, Dick usually favors hand to hand combat over using weapons.

    After a while fighting crime with Bruce, who then later had the Justice League, Dick decided to lead a team of his own peers to fight crime, the Teen Titans, where he took the role as leader. Later on, he changed his image from Robin to Nightwing.

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  2. Quiz result

    The Red Hood, Jason Todd

    DC Character quiz - Batman and Robin, Which Robin are you? - image rrred-hood on https://www.howtomash.com

    Not bad! You are the second Robin, Jason Todd, a.k.a the Red Hood!

    A powerful hand to hand combatant, fueling your emotions and channeling them to increase your fighting prowess is your best quality. Jason Todd was rebellious, he hated being told what to do, and oftentimes he'd solve things on his own - with or without Batman. Though Batman doesn't approve of some of your actions, it's your decisions that sometimes create the best situation for the greater good.

    You don't always agree with Batman, especially when he allows criminals to stay alive only to commit another crime. You think the ends justify the means, because how else can you achieve something without sacrifices?

    Your greatest weakness would be your hot temper - which you'll be able to overcome by channeling it to greater things. When you're out there fighting crime, keep your anger in check, and take it out on the baddies!


    Jason Todd was an orphan child who Bruce Wayne met as Batman trying to steal the rims of the Batmobile while it was in Crime Alley (Where Bruce's parents were killed) Batman put Jason in a school for troubled youth, as he was labeled a delinquent. But actually led Jason into Ma Gunn's School for Crime. After helping Batman catch a gang of thieves, he is taken under Batman's guidance and trained for six months, when he finally fought in the guise of the second Robin.

    He is a master tactician and carries out planned attacks, sometimes on his own and against Batman's orders.

    Jason Todd was killed by Joker and later resurrected using the Lazarus Pit. As Red Hood, he is an expert marksman and uses all kinds of firearms (in contrast with Batman's principles) and explosives.

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  3. Quiz result

    Red Robin, Tim Drake

    DC Character quiz - Batman and Robin, Which Robin are you? - image tim-drakeee on https://www.howtomash.com

    Congratulations! You are the third Robin, better known as the Red Robin, Tim Drake!

    Your detective skills are near unparalleled. Almost as good as Bruce Wayne, Batman, himself. You love fighting crime and solving mysteries even at a young age, and you have the discipline to train and improve every day. You can manage on your own, as a lone wolf, yet also be able to work hand in hand with a partner. You convinced Batman that he needed a new Robin by his side after he lost the second Robin!

    A young Sherlock in the making, you have all the qualities that make you excel in the mental game. Your mind and analytical skill is your greatest power, and so is your ability to discipline yourself well. Because you believe hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard, you train yourself every day to become a better person tomorrow,


    Tim Drake's parents were rich. Like Bruce Wayne, they were well off, and Tim had a natural talent in deduction and detective work. Tim Drake knew the Grayson family, especially Dick Grayson, the first Robin. Through his skills, he discovered Batman and Robin's identities when he was just nine years old. (He noticed Robin perform a move that only Dick Grayson could perform)

    After the death of Jason Todd, a devastated Batman refused to take a new Robin, and at the same time became violently reckless. It took Tim Drake, now thirteen years of age, to put Batman back to his senses. He then inherited the title of the third Robin.

    He is a naturally gifted detective and is deemed smarter in terms of solving crimes and unexplained occurrences than the other Robins. He also trained well in martial arts, making him reach peak mental and physical form at an early age.

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  4. Quiz result

    Stephanie Brown, a.k.a Spoiler/Batgirl


    Good job! You are the fourth Robin, the Spoiler, and later Batgirl, the beautiful Stephanie Brown!

    You value your family and friends a lot. You love being with others and want to share everything together. You'd gladly take a bullet for Batman or any other person in the family, but that's not always a good thing, too. When people don't value others and fight, you tend to shy away and instead comfort both sides without giving a solution. You're also quick to decide on your emotions, especially when this involves a person you love.

    Being able to sniff out clues in a crime scene and track criminals hours after a head start, you can catch any offender so long as you have all the evidence cast out before you. You're always there for Batman, and his friends, and will always try to put a smile on their faces.

    You'll sometimes have difficulty accepting things that you can't control, and sometimes your passion gets in the way of others. However, don't change who you are because of this weakness, instead, show them you care for them and think before you act!


    When Tim's father discovered his alter-ego, he demanded that Tim Drake quit fighting crime as Robin and live a normal life. Stephanie attempted to cheer Tim up and lift his spirits, but a misunderstanding led her to believe that she was being cheated on, and after breaking up with him, she decided to become the next Robin. She demanded Batman to train her, to which the latter did after some hesitation. A few months later she then fought crime with Batman as the fourth Robin.

    Her forte is her tracking abilities, and she is also an excellent acrobat. Like all the other Robins before her, she also excels in hand to hand combat and martial arts. Though Batman admits that she rushed training and inexperience sometimes pull him down.

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  5. Quiz result

    The son of Batman, Damian Wayne

    DC Character quiz - Batman and Robin, Which Robin are you? - image damian_wayne_robin_by_mayantimegod-d9bo758 on https://www.howtomash.com

    Alright! You are the fifth Robin, Bruce Wayne's child - Damian Wayne!

    You are gifted with the innate talent for learning and mastering skills coming from near perfect genes - Batman's your father for one! Inheriting from Talia Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, with added genetic enhancement technology for your growth. You were born to be a Robin, and you have all the genetics to be the best! Your speed is second to none among the other Robins, and like Jason Todd, you won't let principles stand in your way!

    Having a skill set of a trained assassin, you rely on stealth and speed. Accurate and cunning, you create a setting where the environment works for you, and you use all the arsenal you have to go for the kill - however, you tend to disobey orders and act on instinct, which sometimes puts you in a pinch.

    You also tend to become jealous and can have an uncontrolled ego. Sometimes being too overconfident pays the price. Make sure to stay humble and honor the decision of your superiors even when you feel you are right, they have the experience and the knowledge. And you should listen to your dad, seriously.


    Damian Wayne was grown inside an artificial womb in a laboratory. Bruce Wayne was his father, and Talia al Ghul, his mother. Damian was made out and genetically enhanced, trained and taught how to be the perfect fighter by the League of Assasins. At the age of 10, he went out with his mother to confront Bruce Wayne, Batman. What was supposed to be a spy mission led to Batman discovering his son - who was then left in his care. 

    Damian was talented and possessed skills outmatching any other fighter, he then decided he wanted to replace Tim Drake (Whom Bruce has adopted) and serve his father as the new Robin. After a brawl with Tim, Damian took Jason Todd's old Robin costume, modified it, and went out on his own to prove his worth, going against his father's will and principles of not killing.

    Aside from being a martial arts expert and an excellent hand to hand fighter, Damian is also well trained in all kinds of weapons making him both an exceptional armed and unarmed combat specialist. His speed also is the fastest compared to the other Robins, and his strength, though not as strong as Batman's, are still above average considering his enhanced genetics.

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