Harry Potter Spells Introduced in Android Phone’s Google Now!

The dream of Harry Potter fans has come true that they can now cast Harry Potter spells on their Android Phones to do a corresponding task.

Which Harry Potter spells?

Right now the spells are really limited but yes they are working. As of now, there are only three Harry Potter Spells that you can use on Google Now.

You can go to Google Now by long pressing the home button of your android device.

1. Lumos

You must be knowing how this spell works. Actually, it will turn on the flashlight of the phone as the wands lighted up in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Spells google now android

2. Nox

This is opposite of Lumos that means it will turn off the flashlight.

Harry Potter Spells google now android nox

3. Silencio

As the name suggests, this spell will silence your phone’s profile. So no sound notifications.

Harry Potter Spells google now android silencio

If I get to know about any other spells that you can use on Google Now then I will surely post them on How-to Mash. You can stay tuned to How-to Mash on Facebook.

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